Dec 5, 2021

Sunday Salon: A Cozy Mystery Christmas

 Holiday and Christmas mysteries anyone? 

Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women by Emily Brightwell, October 17, 2017, courtesy of Berkley.

A man is shot under cover of fireworks at a Guy Fawkes party. With Christmas almost here, Inspector Witherspoon and everyone in his household is upset at the possibility of having to cancel their holiday plans—all to solve a case that seems impossible. (publisher)

Trimmed With Murder: A Seaside Knitters Mystery #10 by Sally Goldenbaum, published November 3, 2015 by NAL

Wreck the Halls: A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery by Sarah Graves, October 2002, Bantam 
Who can get anything done during the holidays, when there's a killer on the loose? And in someone's house!

What holiday books are you planning to read?

New arrival:

Murder at the Port de Versailles by Cara Black, March 1, 2022, Soho Crime, ARC

I've been following Aimee and her investigations in Paris since the start of the mystery series. This is her most recent. 

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  1. OMG - all of these seem like the type of Christmas books I want to read - I'm not a fan of the romance titles. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are lots of holiday mysteries that used to be printed. Maybe not so much now?

  2. I need to share this post with my book club! We decided to read a cozy Christmas mystery (any) for our December meeting, and trying to explain a cozy mystery is difficult. I'm still not really sure how to explain it.

    I read Leslie Meier's Christmas Cookie Murder. I think I would like all of these.

    1. A cozy is not cringe worthy, is how I see it. The ones who get killed usually are obnoxious and not sympathetic, so you don't mind as much. And the violence is down to a minimum!

  3. Interesting selection of reads here. Thanks for the updates on each.

  4. Nice books...Murder at the Port de Versailles looks good.

    Hope you had a good week.

    1. Cara Black's series set in Paris are really good. And they don't have to be read in sequence. Have a great reading week too!


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