Jan 8, 2022

Haiga Poetry Challenge

The poetry challenge at Fake Flamenco is hosted monthly by Rebecca.

This month, use the photo provided or a photo of your own to write a haiga - a haiku (5-7-5) with an image. I joined in for the first time, finding this challenge in a post by Margaret at From Pyrenees to Pennines. Here's mine.


Cold my heart and room,
Green leaves against a blue sky
Waft in warm breezes 

 - Harvee Lau, January 8, 2022

The challenge provides a different theme and poetry form each month. 


  1. I like the breath of hope in this poem, reminding us that winter will become spring, soon.

    1. We do need hope for the rest of this year. Nature always inspires me.

  2. We are having wonderful summer weather at the moment and if I look at your photo, I just see summer! Winter always passes...

    1. Yes! Though I sometimes like cocooning indoors in cold weather!


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