Jan 30, 2010

Books are a Must-Have, even in Sluggish Economy: Poll

A news article printed yesterday by Reuters says what most of us readers, writers, and book bloggers can agree with.

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – During tough economic times when U.S. consumers are trying to cut back, the indulgence they can't seem to live without is books.

Three-quarters of adults questioned in an online poll said they would sacrifice holidays, dining out, going to the movies and even shopping sprees but they could not resist buying books.

Dining out came in a far second with only 11 percent of Americans naming it their top indulgence, followed by shopping at 7 percent, vacations at four and movies, which was chosen by only 3 percent of Americans.

"The recession highlighted the downside of greed, indulgence and giving in to temptation, but we noticed a shift back to life's simplest pleasures," said Michelle Renaud, a senior manager at Harlequin Enterprises Limited, which conducted the poll.
Okay, so the poll was done by a book publisher, Harlequin Enterprises Limited, but it still has to be done scientifically and presumably accurately for it to make the news.
       I like the findings!


  1. I saw this and was surprised but very happy by the results.

  2. It was a surprise to me too, Stacy. And definitely good news for libraries and bookstores!

  3. I saw this too. I think it is because it is a lot cheaper to travel virtually through the worlds of books than it is to buy a plane ticket right now!

  4. Hooray for books! I did a little mental accounting of my expenses last year and realized that, except for purchases last December, much of my money simply went to books last year. No wonder the employees in the bookstores I go to already know me by name!

  5. Amen to buying books! I'm so glad to read there are other like-minded folks out there!!! ☺

    Thanks for the encouraging post Harvee. Have a nice evening!


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