Feb 24, 2010

50 Best Blogs for Crime and Mystery Book Lovers

Court Reporter.net has named Book Dilettante one of the 50 Best Blogs for Crime and Mystery Book Lovers. Book Dilettante is listed under Mystery Books with the following description:
22. Book Dilettante (aka Book Bird Dog): This blog is a great place to visit if you love reading mystery novels and are curious about novelists working outside of the U.S. 
Others in the Mystery Books list:
13.Mystery Reader Discussion: This blog provides a format to talk about the latest mystery books, even if you can’t meet the group in person.

14.Mystery Books News: Check back with this blog regularly to get updates on new releases in the mystery and suspense genre.

15.Mystery*File: Here you’ll find a blog dedicated to fans of mystery and detective novels, with reviews, updates and information about titles both new and old.

16.Mysteries in Paradise: This blog is a great source of mystery novel news and book reviews.

17.I Love a Good Mystery: With book reviews, news, events, links and information about movies, this site is a great one-stop place to find information about everything mystery related.

18.Murder By the Book Mystery Book Blog: The bookstore by the same name maintains this blog and updates it regularly with what the bloggers have been reading.

19.The Little Blog of Murder: Get a perspective on the murder-mystery genre from an Ohio native on this regularly-updated blog.

20.Confessions of a Mystery Novelist: Go straight to the source for information and insights into mystery books with this blog from a mystery novelist and professor.

21.Lesa’s Book Critiques: This librarian and blogger focuses her reviews of books on mystery novels.

22.Book Dilettante (aka Book Bird Dog): This blog is a great place to visit if you love reading mystery novels and are curious about novelists working outside of the U.S.

23.Shadow of the Raven: Keep up with mystery book news from the bookstore Mystery on Main through this blog.

24.The Scene of the Crime: Here you can get a look at the relationship between mystery stories and where they take place from author J. Sydney Jones.
I was surprised but honored to be listed! Here are just a few of my reviews:
Paying Back Jack by Christopher G. Moore, set in Bangkok
The Risk of Infidelity Index by Christopher G. Moore, set in Bangkok
Snow Angels by James Thompson, set in Finland
The Red Mandarin Dress by Qiu Xiaolong, set in Shanghai
Blood and Groom by Jill Edmonson, set in Toronto
The Black Monastery by Stav Sherez, set in Greece
Breathing Water: A Bangkok Thriller by Timothy Hallinan, set in Thailand.
What's next on my crime fiction reading list? The Brick Layer by Noah Boyd; The Godfather of Kathmandu by John Burdett, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson.

Head on over to Court Reporter.net to see the blogs they recommend for lots of info on what Crime and Mystery books and authors are available. The blogs were organized into Crime Books, Mystery Books, By the Author, Group Blogs, True Crime Blogs, and Crime and More categories.


avisannschild said...

Wow, congrats!

Anonymous said...

How very cool. Congratualtions!

Anonymous said...

How awesome! Congrats!

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

That's great. Congratulations.


Staci said...

That is so very cool!!! You should be proud of the hard work you put into those reviews!! Awesome job!

Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome news!! Congratulations :)

NancyO said...

What an honor! Remember me when you're famous. LOL

Mandy Southgate said...

They are right! Your blog is awesome - you have so much information and you update nearly every day!

Jenny Girl said...



i would have put you #1...am i biased?

Harvee said...

By the way, Book Dilettante is also Book Bird Dog. I played around with names for my blog and went back to the first and original name - BOOK BIRD DOG (aka Book Dilettante).

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