Aug 10, 2013

Sunday Salon: Hostas Galore

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Last week we dislodged the long row of day lilies at the back fence, cut down a Russian olive tree that was growing too fast and too high, trimmed a tall bush near it, and planted a variety of young hosta plants. Less bushy back there now, but hopefully it will be colorful with the variegated leaves of green, white, yellow, and blue-green hostas, once they grow some more, that is  I am hoping they will be spectacular next year.

Last week also, a nice note came with an ARE of Adriana Trigiani's new novel, The Supreme Macaroni Company, a novel of romance and old world craftmanship that takes you from Greenwich Village to New Orleans and to Italy. The book is to be published November 5, 2013 by Harper.

I reviewed her previous book, The Shoemaker's Wife, an historical novel of young Italian emigrants to America.

Other books that arrived last week include
Murder of a Stacked Librarian by Denise Swanson, the 16th in the Scumble River Mystery Series.

Dragon's Child by M.K, Hume, the first in a King Arthur Trilogy

Tongwan City

Tongwan City: A Novel by Gao Jianqun, an historical novel of  the ancient Chinese frontier 16 centuries ago. "Gao weaves into this tale seminal themes of Chinese history and culture: the connection between the warlike Xiongnu and their cousins the Huns, the Great Wall that was built to separate the Xiongnu from the Han Chinese, and the philosophy that ultimately united them."

Alternate Currents by Arleen Alleman, a suspense novel set in Seattle which explores "the world of domestic partners, alternative reproductive technology, and social bigotry."

Right now, I'm enjoying The Sound and the Furry, a Chet and Bernie mystery by Spencer Quinn, the sixth in the very successful series of a detective duo - Chet the big dog and his human crime fighting partner Bernie. Chet tells the story, by the way, and it is in parts, hilarious, as he tries to understand and interpret human behavior.

What are you up to this week?
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  1. Hostas make great shade plants --enjoy. I like the sound of the new Trigiani book as well.

  2. I am really looking forward to the new Trigiani book! Enjoy!

  3. Variegated hostas are so pretty... and perfect for shady areas!

  4. Tongwan City looks to be fascinating. It really seems to be different. I have not read Gao Jianqun but I believe that I really want to.

  5. I love Trigiani's I'm looking forward to this one. Enjoy your week...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Have never read a Trigiani book. Will have to check them out! Have a great week!

  7. I've never read any books by Trigiani. I hope your reading week is wonderful!

  8. Great mailbox, the Adriana Trigiani book looks good. I have The Shoemaker's Wife waiting to be read. Happy reading!

  9. Wow, someone else who likes fiction AND hostas. My magical realist novel, Hosta Seizure, will be published by the American Hosta Society in November. Hope you can check it out ...


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