Dec 31, 2016

Sunday Salon: Books Read in 2016

I completed my Goodreads Challenge this year by reading 81 books, one more than my stated goal. Click here to see the list of books.

Right now I'm reading Here Comes the Sun, a novel about travel in the U.S. by Nicole Dennis-Benn, and also just finished an historical mystery I bought as an e-book.
Jade Dragon Mountain by Elsa Hart, published September 2015.
Publisher description: "On the mountainous border of China and Tibet in 1708, a detective must learn what a killer already knows: that empires rise and fall on the strength of the stories they tell.

Li Du was an imperial librarian. Now he is an exile. Arriving in Dayan, the last Chinese town before the Tibetan border, he is surprised to find it teeming with travelers, soldiers, and merchants. When a Jesuit astronomer is found murdered in the home of the local magistrate, blame is hastily placed on Tibetan bandits. But Li Du suspects this was no random killing."

This is the first in the Li Du mystery series and I am eager to read the next in the series, The White Mirror, published September this year.

Happy reading this new year!

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  1. Harvee, I hope you're enjoying Here Comes the Sun. Happy New Year!

  2. Here Comes the Sun sounds so good...and reminds me of a song! LOL.

    Enjoy the New Year...and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  3. Jade Dragon Mountain looks great! And congrats on your Goodreads challenge! Happy New Year and happy reading. :)

  4. That's great about your GR challenge! Have a happy new year and a great week!

  5. Hooray for reaching your Goodreads goal!

    It's always nice to start a series knowing that there are already other books in it to read.

  6. Congrats on reaching your Goodreads goal. I just made mine at the last minute. :)

    ENJOY this book...looks good.

    Happy Reading in 2017!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading


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