Feb 10, 2024

Lunar New Year, and Mon Coeur a Demenage: Sunday Salon

 French author, Michel Bussi

Mon cœur a déménagé est à la fois un récit initiatique, un roman d'amour et d'amitié, une vaste enquête s'étirant sur plus d'une décennie, et bien entendu une intrigue à twist, nul ne sachant, jusqu'à la dernière page, qui connaît la vérité, et qui la manipule.

Genre: mystery, thriller
Setting: Rouen, France
Published January 11, 2024; Presses de la Cite

Michel Bussi est un auteur et politologue français, professeur de géographie à l'université de Rouen. Il est spécialiste de géographie électorale.

What language(s) do you read in? There is a translate button at the right hand top column of the blog, for English and other languages.

Happy Lunar New Year of the Green Dragon

DescriptionLunar New Year, an illustrated book, captures the magic of the celebration by exploring how Ling and her family enjoy the biggest Chinese festival of the year.

The new year festival lasts for 15 days full of preparation, celebration, and symbolism. Join Ling, her sister Mei and granny Po Po as they clean the house from top to bottom, pick fresh flowers from the garden, visit friends and family, and carry red lanterns through their neighborhood. Ling invites the reader into her home and family, allowing the reader to experience this special celebration first-hand through an authentic narrative non-fiction story.

A fun 16-page  'factivity' section  follows the story and delves into more detail about how the festival is celebrated in China and beyond. Enriching activities are also included, such as guess the riddle, make your own red envelope, and a recipe to make delicious Lunar New Year 'pot sticker' dumplings. 

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in many different Asian and Southeast Asian countries and beyond. It begins February 10.

Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year?

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  1. Replies
    1. My build in ereader dictionaries help me with French and Spanish, languages from high school and college.

    2. I have a smattering of French, German, Italian & Spanish - enough to just about 'get by' on holiday - but I'd really struggle to read in any other language than English. I'll just have to trust the translator! [grin]

  2. I, too, took French and Spanish in college. In fact, I started my college career planning to major in modern languages. I later switched to social work but I still enjoy practicing my (poor) skills at reading those languages.

    1. It's a challenge but the built in dictionaries in the ereaders help me a lot.

  3. Are you reading it? Have you read it?
    I was expecting some thought about it.
    I'm currently reading it in French with one of my French students. We are loving it (well, I have loved all books by Bussi so far!) I know he's totally playing with me, and I probably won't know until the end, possibly the very last line, lol.
    He totally tricked me with the 2 signs on the jacket of the hooded guy. I know enough foreign alphabets to have guessed, and so it had made me think he was one of the characters whose name starts with that letter, darn it, I got totally tricked, lol.
    I haven't read the previous one yet, Trois vies par semaine, but this is going to be my next book with another of my French students.

    To answer your question: I'm French, so I can read in French. But I studied to be an English teacher, and have been living in the US for over 20 years, so I read in English as well.
    And I can read Spanish and Italian as well

    1. I am in the early chapters of the book and loving it, as the French is easy to read, the narrator being a seven year old girl. We'll see how it goes as the book progresses.

  4. I can read in English (my first language), Spanish (pretty well), French (hit-and-miss), and Italian (very poorly).

    I've always dreamed of being fluent in other languages. I'm working hard right now on French.

  5. Just English! I love the cover of this one. Have a great weekend!

  6. I pay attention to moon phases, which makes the lunar new year always feel like a special day to go with my usual New Moon thoughts and activities.

    1. The new moon is just a sliver right now but am looking forward to its full phase, now that the neighbor has cut down his very tall, gigantic spreading old oak that had previously hidden the night sky from our house.

  7. I'm terrible at other languages. It's such a shame.

    The Lunar New Year book looks cute.

    Have a great weekend!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  8. Lunar New Year looks like fun. Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  9. English first but I can do a fair bit of Spanish.

  10. Unfortunately just English now, but I used to be passable with Spanish, too.

  11. I am envious at anyone who can read in multiple languages. I am trying to learn French at the moment, just a few minutes a day though..

  12. My highschool french is a bit too rusty to read all of that but I can still make out a word here and there.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  13. I took German long ago .... I couldn't get the translate button to work. How many languages do you speak or read?

    1. I think you have to download the German to English dictionary on the kindle, when it prompts you for a dictionary. I only read French, besides English.


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