Feb 11, 2015

Poetic Book Tour of DOLL GOD by Luanne Castle

Blog tour of Doll God by Luanne Castle, poetry published January 10, 2015 by Aldrich Press. Tour by Poetic Book Tours hosted by Serena at Savvy Verse and Wit.

The poems show the artist's feelings and observations. Many themes are related to sewing, seamstresses, dolls loved and played with, then disparate, ruined, desecrated. Beauty torn apart.
Like me this doll is studious
with thick legs,
has been a victim of potients
and infatuated with love,
though tenderness has nestled close to danger.
I look closely to confirm she's been martyred. (p. 20)
In another poem, an artist pauses in his work, faced with the real thing of beauty - in "Caught," page 15. The first few verses of the poem below:

Perched on the rail 
of the garage door 
the hummingbird stares 
at the ceiling, 
waits for it to part.

          The painter wants to catch her.  
He lays down his brush.

          Neither does their work 
and the sounds 
of the schoolchildren
and the traffic 
grind down 
to nothing. 

I loved the artist confronted with nature that she enjoys more than her own work.

Do read this small book of poetry and see how you may be moved by both similar and different images in the variety of poems.

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About the Poet:
Luanne Castle has been a Fellow at the Center for Ideas and Society at the University of California, Riverside. She studied English and Creative Writing at the University of California, Riverside; Western Michigan University; and Stanford University. Her poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared in Barnstorm Journal, Grist, The Antigonish Review, Ducts, TAB, River Teeth, Lunch Ticket, Wisconsin Review, The MacGuffin, and other journals. She contributed to Twice-Told Children’s Tales: The Influence of Childhood Reading on Writers for Adults, edited by Betty Greenway. Luanne divides her time between California and Arizona, where she shares land with a herd of javelina.
Thanks to Poetic Book Tours and the author for a review copy of the book.


  1. I am so glad that you liked some of the poems in the collection. Thank you for being on the blog tour!

    1. I was fascinated by her dolls, Serena. Dolls in all stages showing love, use, and decay.

  2. I really like the verse that you posted, especially the parts of "Caught".

    This post reminds me that I need to read more poetry.

  3. Harvee, thank you so much for this sensitive review of Doll God. I'm so happy that the dolls resonated with you! They have been such an inspiration for me.

  4. Beautiful imagery in that hummingbird prose.


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